The case against sugar

We give it to the children as a reward from young age. We celebrate using sugar. It’s a comfort and a treat.

Sugar and especially refined sugars are everywhere. Not only we willingly consume pure refined sugar with our drinks and add it to our cooked foods and deserts, but we also have a considerable intake from processed foods (junk food, fast food, pre-cooked meals…).

For decades now, fat has been considered as the number one dietary danger, yet our bodies can’t function biologically without fat, whereas sugar, let’s face it, we only consume it because it tastes good to most people.

What does sugar do to you?

  1. It highly stimulates the brain, activating its pleasure sensors, making you (temporarily) feel good
  2. It spikes energy and causes a rush of adrenaline in the body
  3. It makes almost everything tastes better
  4. It has a negligible cost and thus even the poorer among us can afford it
  5. It’s basically energy you can literally enjoy for free

But it would be too good to be true if all of this came at no cost.

Proven effects of sugar

  1. Addiction. In fact, a study showed that sugar is more addictive than cocaine in mice.
  2. The temporary spike in energy and any good feeling you get from it is inevitably followed by a crush once the effect on the brain dissipates, pushing you to look for your next fix ASAP (just like any other drug)
  3. You get accustomed to the taste, and that pushes you to increase the doses over time (just like any other drug)
  4. It never fills you up. Nobody gets satiated from eating sugar, thus the high energy you get from it doesn’t signal your brain to produce satiety hormones. On the contrary it might even increase your appetite for more (junk) food and even more sugar
  5. Adding sugar to any meal/desert/drink is adding more calories, which are fuel for energy, but in the context of a sedentary life style, most people will not get any benefit from it and they will store any excess as fat
  6. An addiction to sugar will cause you to develop insulin resistance. Insulin is a hormone that you need in order to absorb nutrients into your cells. Insulin resistance causes your cells to become inefficient at absorbing nutrients (and glucose), which pushes your cells to experience malnutrition, even if you’re stuffing yourself all the time and any energy that’s not utilized by the cells will be stored as fat
  7. Insulin resistance will make you develop visceral fat, which is fat that develop around your organs, and may not even be visible from the « outside »
  8. Insulin resistance will make you plain fat. And that is very visible from the outside.
  9. Sugar is bad for your teeth
  10. The more you add sugar to your food, the less you become able to experience and enjoy the natural taste of foods. Everything seems dull, which is not true. You have just destroyed your taste.

The idea that you need to eat fat to get fat is a fallacy. We need to rethink what, how and when we do eat.

I see countless people struggling to lose weight, following horrible diets from stupid dieticians that recommend them to cut fats and proteins but will still allow some of the highest sugary fruits and even deserts for “moral”.

I see a number of type II diabetic not even considering cutting sugar, thinking that their insulin shots are the solution when they’re only adding to the original problem.

Let’s spread the message. So repeat after me “fat is good”.

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